About Us

We are a tech startup founded while we attended Dartmouth College that provides both high quality NFT collections and premium insight into the Cryptocurrency/NFT/DeFi sectors. Within the next couple of months, we will be releasing a collection of NFTs: the CryptoPongz. Purchasing one of these NFTs for a small amount will give you lifetime access to the CRYPTOPONG newsletter (amongst other benefits), instead of the eventual monthly fee.

Our Mission

We founded CRYPTOPONG with the goal of bringing together individuals who love creating just as much as we do. Late night pong games and early morning binge drinking coffee sessions led us to where we are today. Our company’s mantra of “One Cup, Everyone Knows the Rules” emphasizes the paradoxical nature of our members’ party-centric lifestyles. Although we love to let loose every once in a while, fulfillment of our personal/professional journeys always comes first. To this end, we seek to build a community of young entrepreneurs who can bounce start-up ideas, investing strategies, NFT opportunities, etc. off of each other to help each other achieve monetary and personal success. In the end, none of us is as great as all of us.

Together we will rise. 

Join us as we take this journey together.

— Pat & Ari ✌️

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Weekly NFT/Crypto/DeFi Newsletter | NFT COLLECTION | 3,933 Playtpii Partying on the Solana Blockchain: https://cryptopongz.com | Discord: https://discord.com/invite/dvNNkXTPyc | Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptopongz